Wellington Access Radio 106.1 FM


Wellington Access Radio is a non-profit radio station made by and for the community. It started broadcasting in the beginning of the eighties. Its programming is multicultural and serves several cultures and minorities.

Main Programs

  • Aakashwani Bharat Bhavan
  • Collaborative Voices
  • Community Programming repeats and music
  • Da Crew on Youth Zone
  • Cook Island SDA Church Wellington Region

Main DJs

  • David Barrow
  • Ros Rice
  • Julie Gunn
  • DJ George Vog
  • DJ Nicky Zee


Address: Level 1, 35-37 Ghuznee St, Zellington 6141, New Zealand
Tel.: 64 4-385 7210
Web: www.accessradio.org.nz
Email: info@accessradio.org.nz
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wellingtonaccessradio

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