Flava 95.8 FM


Owned and operated by New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME), Flava FM is a radio network formerly known as Cool Blue. It has been on air since 2001 featuring hip hop and R&B music.


Your New Favourite Noise

Main Programs

  • Flava Full Phat Breakfast
  • Pete Da Palagi on Days
  • Smashtime Listen Live
  • Daz on the NiteShift
  • The Dirty 30 Countdown

Main DJs

  • DJ Manchoo
  • David Rodney
  • Johnson
  • Daz
  • Clinton Sparks


Address: 54 Cook Street, Private Bag 92 198, Auckland, New Zealand 2014
Tel.: 09 373 0000
Web: www.flava.co.nz
Email: flava@flava.co.nz
Facebook: www.facebook.com/flavaradio
Twitter: @FlavaRadio

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